Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three strangers for you. :)

There is always that moment in the birth of a new story when you realize you've got something on your hands and you haven't an idea what to do with it. I myself am in the process of getting a new plot going. I've got several Scribblings rambling around my head and I think I'll work on them all a little bit. You see, I have found I can write in several strains: Humorous, Children, and Other. Thus, I've got at least one project in each category going right now and I only have to decide what mood I'm in to determine which book I'll work on at the present moment.
But I'm angling for a story right now and I found something that might become my Trout. I will introduce you to several of the characters I have so far:

Bretton Keeptryst:

By my troth thou art a stiff-necked beast!”  It was a man’s voice spoke the words through the greenwood—a voice laced with humor and luxury. 
-Gloaming's Tryst

Lord Peregrine Rouncewell:

And what is it that so captures you about the lady Merewald?” Lord Peregrine tossed the question as careless as he threw bone and gristle to the hounds beneath his table, but his whole being leaned forward to catch his companion’s answer.
-Gloaming's Tryst

...and the Lady Merewald Goldehelm

She runs too much to eyes for my taste,” he said. He pulled his black leather gloves off his hands and tested the tip of his lance. “Stares a man out of countenance with those soul-pools.”

-Gloaming's Tryst

I only know these three right now, and what's even more fun is that I'm not telling you anymore about them yet. You will have to guess. :D


Anne-girl said...

I'm getting feelings of Robin Hood? Maybe a little Ivanhoe? Somewhere between the two?

Megan Langham said...

Ooooh, such entrancing little glimpses! I'm especially fond of the bit about Lady Merewald's eyes, and Lord Peregrine... I think I will like him. :)