Sunday, April 1, 2012

You never knew this about him! :D

I love bits of trivia about famous authors--it's a geeky side of me, I guess! :D I am a proficient in the art of Rummaging Up Facts Hitherto Unknown. Here are some of my latest finds:

According to a very reliable source  Elizabeth Gaskell had a hideous fear of spiders and rats combined. One or the other didn't bother her, but if she saw two together she nearly went into apoplexy! :D

C.S. Lewis called his inner editor "Bonzo" after a clown he had seen and been inspired by as a six-year old child. :D Read the whole article here: C.S. Lewis Names Clown His Inspiration... :)

Shakespeare ate sardines and tea for breakfast every morning...I mean hey, fish oil is supposed to work wonders for the brain, right? No wonder he was such a genius!

Lucy Maud Montgomery was creeped out by red-haired people, but in order to do penance for how she had treated her red-haired cousin as a child, (according to a published version of her journal) she created a ginger-capped character for one of her books: Anne Shirley, who went on to become the most famous of all Montgomery's literary heroines!

J.R.R. Tolkien never meant for his books to be published when they were--he wanted to wait and have someone publish them post-humously, but the other Inklings coerced him into early publishing. :D Here's an interesting blog post about it...Talkin' Tolkien: Brainy But Bashful.

Aren't those hilarious? I was laughing so hard over some of them! Oh yeah, and I forgot the best fact of all! This one will really have you going...


...Author Rachel Heffington counted April Fool's Day as one of her favorite semi-holidays. She wrote a blog post full of phony facts to make her friends smile, in hopes that they'd believe some of them. :)

Love you guys! <3


Miss Dashwood said...

Hook. Line. And sinker.

You seriously had me. I was swallowing every single one of those, shaking my head and saying, "I nevuh knew that!!"

Wow. This was inspired. :D
And of course I didn't click on any of the links, so I was quite easily fooled.

Very, very clever, my dear!

Unknown said...

How interesting!

Yes I was rather suspicious of that post! I happen to know that nobody knows how April Fools day began and it's more French than Scottish! Even though I missed reading your hint at the end this morning!

The clocks went back an hour on April Fools here which I am sure made fools of several people come monday mornging!

However I must go and write a post myself as I have been ... lately....

ashley tahg said...

This is the only April Fools post I actually fell for.

Bad, bad girl.

Wait, wait, no. One of my friends on facebook posted they were turning Dr. Who's TARDIS red...and I fell for that and nearly died..but that was last night, which was Britain's April first anyway.

Morgan said...

Haha! You got me:)