Sunday, April 22, 2012

It gives one a sense of irony...

Here are some funny writing tips I found today. Enjoy reading them. :)

  • Finish your point on an upbeat note...unless you can't think of one
  • Don't patronize your reader--he or she might well be intelligent enough to spot it
  • Avoid unnecessary examples. e.g. this one
  • Similes are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
  • Mixed metaphors can kill two birds without a paddle.
  • Take care with pluri.
  • If you can't think of the word you have in mind, look  it up in one of those dictionary-type thingies.
  • Do you really think people are impressed with rhetorical questions?
  • Sarcasm--yes, I bet that will go down really well.
  • Less is more. This means that a short, cryptic statement is often preferable to an accurate, but drawn out, explanation that lacks punch and loses the reader.
  • Many readers assume that a word will not assume two meanings within the same sentence.
  • Some early drafts of this document had had clumsy juxtapositions
  • If there's a word on the tip of your tongue that you can't quite pin down, use a cinnamon.
  • Strangely enough it is impossible to construct a sentence that illustrates the meaning of the word 'irony.'
  • Practice humility until you're really sure you have it down.
  • There is no place for overemphasis whatsoever.

....I love irony.... :D

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Anonymous said...

Being the slightly contradictory type that I am, I took it upon myself to think through Tip #14. I regretted it but I believe I came to the conclusion that it is true. My sister disagrees but what can I say. I don't recommend thinking about it to long though. It will tie your brain in a knot. ;-)

Wyatt Fairlead