Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introducing The Prompt Story Contest!

I hope all you girls are having a blessed Resurrection Sunday! :) We had an amazing breakfast and church service as a church family right in our backyard under a huge circus-style tent a guy from our group owns. Afterward all the guys got together to beat the tent-take-down time from last year. It took them only an amazing 10 minutes last Easter to tear the tent down, pull up all the stakes, fold it, and load it. Today they completed all that in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. 3 minutes and 45 seconds.


I cheered like a cowgirl. :D

But now, girls, its high time. High time? For what? For another contest here at The Inkpen Authoress! :) The Prompt Story Contest. I have done many different sorts of contests in the course of my "life" here on this blog, but this one is just a tad different. You see, it's a short-story contest. Yes yes I know, but what makes it different?

Just this: I am supplying the opening sentence. I am giving you a "prompt." You have to use this sentence as the start of your story and build something fabulous off of it. I'm looking for original, fascinating, captivating, intriguing stories built off of that one little sentence. Ready for the challenge?

All right. Here are the rules:

All stories must be emailed to by April 22, 2012. That gives you exactly 2 weeks from today.

  • The stories are to be rather short stories--not more than 500 words, please.
  • I will pick two winners who will then have their pieces featured on this blog. :)
  • All entries must use my sentence as the beginning of the piece.
  • All entries must be clean. No language or other questionable material, please. :)

Ready for The Sentence? Here it is!
"When I stepped over the warm, sunsoaked threshold I never expected to see..."

Ready? Set? Scribble!


♥Katie said...

WHOA!! 3 minutes and 45 seconds?! That's quick!! =D

Bookworm said...

I entered! :D Thanks for doing this! God bless!

Anne-girl said...

Count me in!

Rachel Hope said...

I always love your contests, even though I have never entered I Love joining in. It is great fun and good practice. And this time I love the idea and that sentence
wow it makes my brain scream ideas.
Rachel Hope

Rosamund Gregory said...

I shall be coming along with this too! Hopefully. But lovely idea!
~Rosamund at

Rose M. said...

Ahhhhhh, two weeks! So long, yet so short. I belive 500 words would be quite easy to tackle, though! Oh, I'm so excited!

~Rose M. from