Thursday, March 29, 2012

"It's my Hundred-and-Elevendieth Birthday!" ;)

I generally don't go in for the whole tag-business, but when I was tagged by The Anne-Girl, with an "11-themed" tag, it looked like so much fun that I thought I'd go ahead and do it. :) Without further ado:

We begin with 11 random things about myself:

  1.  I do not like breakfast food
  2. I wish I had deeply rich, red hair
  3.  I am of rabid animals (And the possibility of a rabid mosquito. O.o)
  4. I get the shivers when I walk on top of spilled sugar
  5.  Blogger and I are not on speaking terms at present
  6. I am periodically seized with what Mr. Woodhouse calls "wander-lust" and I feel that I'll split if I don't travel somewhere.
  7.  I nickname all the guys on my cousin's baseball team...let's see. There's "Peter Pan," "Goatee Man," "The Duckling," "Jesse" "Ernest T"...yeah. :D
  8. I speak all my most serious, innermost thoughts in a British accent.
  9.  I have an extreme aversion to all things that remotely resemble Summer Heat
  10. I have Dutch Royalty and Davy Crockett in my blood. Oh yeah. :)
  11. I have queer sympathies with characters everyone else hates...Frank Churchill, anyone?

Now I get to answer the 11 questions from the Anne-Girl!

1. Who is your favorite animated character from a movie?
Oh my! I think I'd have to say Flounder or Scuttle from The Little Mermaid. :D (I hadn't seen that movie in like....12 years or something and watched it again recently and it is so ridiculous! But I used to be in love in Prince Erik.)

2. If you could have any part on a Broadway show, what would it be?
This opens up so many parts... (and assuming I had a Broadway-worthy voice...) But I'd have to say either Galinda of Wicked, Laurie of Oklahoma! or Eponine of Les Miserables.Or Mary Poppins. :D

3. Describe your ideal villain:
Can a villain be ideal? Okay. Then Cold, Cruel, Handsome, Scheming, inordinately brilliant.

4. What is your favorite non-Austen period drama?
Either North and South or The Young Victoria.

5. Who is your favorite literary role-model?
Hrm....either Esther Summerson or Amy Dorrit--both from Charles Dickens' books.

6. Do you have a least favorite hero?
Marius Pontmercy of Les Miz. I think he was supposed to be a hero and I kept wondering why.

7. Are you compulsively clean or comfortably messy?
A happy medium between the two.

8. How do you drink your coffee?
Plenty of cream and honey. :)

9. Do you ever read the last page first?
Never. That is sacrilege.

10. P&P '95 or '05?
'95 as far as casting, integrity of the story, over-all-ness, but '05 for film quality and soundtrack.

11. What is your favorite Broadway song?
 Oh dear. I really can't choose just one, but I'll leave it at select songs from Oklahoma, Wicked, Phantom, Les Miz and Fiddler.

Now I make up 11 questions of my own for y'all...

  1. What is your favorite flavor of jellybean?
  2. Dancing in the rain or walking with an umbrella?
  3. Pens or Pencils?
  4. Shoes or bare-feet?
  5. Hammock or tree-house?
  6. Ideal summer day: Describe it.
  7. If you could look a certain way, what would it be?
  8. Would you ever get a haircut above your shoulders?
  9. Funniest person of your acquaintance:
  10. Do you like chunks of stuff in your ice-cream?
  11.  Mint and Chocolate or Cherries and Chocolate?

And lastly I tag some friends.  :)

Abigail Taylor
Elizabeth Rose
Miss Georgiana Darcy
Felicity Deverell
Rachel Hope


ashley tahg said...

Am I the tagged Ashley, or is there another out there?

Villains are always ideal. *giggle*

FINALLY ANOTHER WHO DETESTS SUMMER!!! Ah, I am so happy to discover I am not alone...So happy indeed.

I have dutch in me as for the royalty part, I can't be certain, but hey, Maybe we're remotely related! lol

Rachel Heffington said...

Yes, I meant you, Ashley! :)