Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inkpen Poetry Day: "Ink-Spatters"

By Rachel Heffington

I'm a poetess, an authoress, a gal of story-tell
And I haven't all the fashion of a perfect Southern Belle
And I mayn't be the prettiest or smartest in the land
But I've got a world inside a world inside of my right hand.

Oh I've only got to grasp a pen and all my dreams spill out
Like a tea-pot with an inky-rinky-dinky sort of spout.
I have children by the droves and a husband with a nib
And my baby wears an inky-spotted, blotting-sanded bib.

I am Queen and I am regent, I am rogue and I am cad
And these tumble out my finger-tips onto a paper pad.
Yes I wield enormous power over characters and plot
And my duties: they are many,  and my worries: they're a lot.

But I wouldn't change a bit of it--no, not a single line
For I think that being Authoress is really rather fine.
So I'll keep my ink and paper and my ratchy-scratchy pen
And I'll scribble out my stories till I come upon The End.


♥Katie said...

Love it Rachel!! =)

Anne-girl said...

Giggles and spatterings of laughter! You've done it again Miss Summerson!