Friday, March 23, 2012

And so we part. :' )

It is finished. I have just completed The Scarlet-Gypsy Song! I am almost sorry to be done with this book--it is my favorite of all my "children". But I will not be dismal. It is a great triumph to have written a book in just 4 months, in my opinion. :) I also went past my goal-length, which was another triumph, and I had success with plotting and pacing! The last chapter might just be my favorite...I will say, the last chapter will probably make you cry. :P

So here are the Stats:

Clocked in at: 75,543 words
Chapters: 24
First line: "There was Nannykins to begin with, but she had a bad knee and left for the North."
Last line: "The End is rather a long way off, I think; we've only just come to the Once Upon a Time." :)  Favorite Character: Diccon Quarry--First Lord of the East Striding
Least Favorite Character: Dear-Heart, actually. She irritated me for some reason--she's rather a busy-body.

Needless to say, I am very happy today. :)


Abigail said...

I can't wait to read it!!! *squeal* !! :)

Miss Dashwood said...

Congratulations, mazel tov, hip hip hooray, three cheers and a tiger! This is fabulous, Rachel!!!

You WILL be treating us to more excerpts... right? Please??

Anne-girl said...

Rachel! That last line is choke-you-up-gorgeous!

♥Katie said...

SO excited!!!!!! <3 <3

Joy said...

Congratulations, Rachel! That's quite a feat to write a novel in 4 months =D.

Unknown said...

By George she's done it!!

I'll be buying a copy fresh of the press soon! =)

I know I'll love it from reading the last sentence. :D