Saturday, March 31, 2012

Circumlocution--the office is open

Dear Friends-and-relations and other Barnacle Types,
         Long has it been a standing rule that one cannot come into the Circumlocution office wanting to know, you know, but that is about to change. It seemed to me and my inner editor and everyone else concerned that there was, perhaps, something you did not yet Know about me that you wished To Know. I do not approve of mysteriousness. I could not be mysterious to save my life, and though I hear the gentleman like a good enigma, I fall woefully depleted in the face of anything Sherlockian. I have to rely on my odds and ends of wit to carry me through.
But I digress. You may therefore leave a comment asking me one or two or three or a dozen questions if you like, and I shall answer them all! Tally-ho and all that rot!
                        I am your 'umble,


Unknown said...

What inspired you to write this!

(Not mentioning Little Dorrit)

I want to Know!

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

Have you ever won any sort of writing contest?

Can you sing or play an instrument?

Who told you about God/why did you choose to follow Christ?

I want to know!

Maria said...

What was your first poem like?

What kind of music do you generally listen to?

How were you first introduced to Dickens, Lewis, and the rest of those amazing authors?

And (I saved the best for last)where did you get your genius?

Anne-girl said...

What inspired Gypsy Song please?

Do you think of names or do your people come named?

Do you ever dream about your characters?