Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"You Can't Get a Man To Manage!"

I stumbled across a simply hilarious play a while back before I graduated, while I did a literature-based unit study on the Victorian Era. It was appropriately named "The Society for the Suppression of Gossip" and I fell in love with it immediately. I hope you don't take these women's advice, but do have fun reading!

Mrs Hartwell: "What is the pleasure of this Society?"

Miss Wise: "My pleasure is that we don't want any disccusion. Discussion is what the men like, and I don't want to be like a horrid man!"

Mrs. Major Warner: "Miss Wise, if you had married a horrid man long ago, you might have a different opinion of them."

Miss Wise: "I daresay it wouldn't improve my opinion of them."

Mrs. Starch: "For my part I have never regretted that I became Mrs. Starch."

Mrs. Major Warner: "Nor do I regret that I became Mrs. Major Warner. Men are not so bad after all, when you know how to manage them. I never feared matrimoney."

Miss Wise: "Nor would I, but men aren't worth the managing. I have a higher mission than to manage an insignificant man."

Miss Filbert: (aside) "Good reason! You can't get a man to manage,"

Miss Nutt: "Mrs. President, if we are not going to talk about anything but matrimony, how are we going to suppress gossip?"

Miss Prudence: "We are wasting our valuable time. If we have a mission, we had better begin; if we have not, we had better go home."

I hope you enjoyed reading that little bit, and you can read the rest of this brief and hilarious play here: 

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Morgan said...

Hehe! I remember you and Sarah rehearsing that for us years ago:)