Thursday, February 23, 2012

The echoings of me: Favorite Things

It all began with Abigail--she may wish to deny it by now but she can't. Jenny followed it up with a favorite-things post of her own, and the clenching fist of the matter, the thing that decided I would play dominoes with the rest, was Anna's post at Insanity Comes Naturally. After these three posts I knew I would have to follow suit. It is my way.
This post, I assume, is not as needful as their posts, for I am not a reticent creature. I am not at all mysterious [which I've heard the gentlemen find alluring] and I am not aloof. [which has a charm of its own] That does not mean that I have not depth, nor does it mean that you know everything about me. It simply stands to reason that I tell you more about myself that they are inclined to do. But I digress. In short, I can only assume that you have a fairly good idea of me already. But my favorite things will come out on their own accord whether I devote a whole post to them or not. I will submit to their clamoring and give you a list. Here you are. I give you the echoings of me:
 Scottish accents--any over-there accents, really/smooth-flowing pens/liquid sunsets/baby-laughter/unexpected letters in the mail/dancing/full, swingy skirts/50's fashion/the triumph in finishing a book/kisses from Grace/Disney classics/Love/freckles/genuine red hair--the Celtic kind, not from the bottle, please/P.G. Tips/pomegranates/witty banter/moonlight/starlight/first light/ half-light/amethyst dusk/brooks/gloriously satisfying books/historical sites/musical theatre music/ the High Kings/ the Psalms/ long walks having conversations with the Lover of my Soul/travelling/the rush of panic-hilarity that comes as I push off the top of a hill when skiiing/music/singing my heart out when no one is listening/thick-enough aprons/heirloom flowers/larkspur/delphinium/Beatrix Potter/watercolor painting/fits of laughter/witty people/dear heart-friends/period-dramas/period costumes/ costume designing/ raspberry jam/Cricket, my Rum-Tum-Tugger/storms/blog comments/free samples/smooth, silky hair/new friends/social occasions/picnics/ramblings/contacts/tin-lizzies/cinnamon buns/Virginia/cute kids/laughter again.
There could be more. There are more. But I am a person of many favorites--you might call me exuberant, colorful, and easy to please. Aren't these things precious gifts?


Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

Woohoo! Hurray! I love your favorite things, and we have several in common. Thank you for sharing! ~ES

Anonymous said...

They are, Rachel. Precious things indeed. I think I love you all the more for this list.

Here's to baby giggles, letters, and vintage fashion. Huzzah. ^.^

Amanda said...

Just discovered your blog! It's lovely, your writing is witty, and fun.

BTW, if you notice that someone has been on your blog for hours today, it's me, I'm enjoying your lovely playlist! :)