Monday, January 9, 2012

Thus Goes Everyone in the World

It is a well-known fact that "mind over matter" really  can work. One can forget where one is in the beauty of imaginings. I am sitting here at the computer desk hoary-headed, covered in plaster-dust from cleaning a construction zone today, and yet I held the most fascinating conversation with the two sides of myself that is resulting in a little bit of a play. I have never written a play, and this is not to be a full play, but it is a dialog, which is rather what plays are made of. And it all came from me scraping plaster, paint, and who-knows-what off of windows. Who knows but some of the dust I swept up could be Brilliancy Dust? Would that I could bottle it up and sell it to the rest of you. ;) Anyway, here's to imaginings! :)
"Why this sad countenance, cousin? In faith, you look as if the last man on earth had died in fearful agonies upon your dainty slippers! I let my dreams out of their gilded cage that they may see the daylight while they may. True, I could coddle them and keep them close and young forever in my secret heart, but I have a dim hope that some of them may come homing back to me, at some distant day, not altogether empty-handed."
~Thus Goes Everyone in the World by Rachel Heffington

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ashley tahg said...

Writing a play would be a fab idea! I've toyed with the idea myself.