Thursday, January 5, 2012

The First Step Toward Terrific Terror. ;)

As I begin the query-process of getting A Mother for the Seasonings published, I have had the distinct honor of opening up a document I had laid aside, unsure it was worthy of notice, and finding that I have rather a charming story to my name. After six edits, I was sick to death with the story, the characters, the entire thing. I laid it aside intent on never opening it again till a publisher wanted it, and now I have resurrected the dear tale and am sending it off into the wide, wide world. It's also been interesting to write my query letter. I feel like those pigeons in Bolt!
"Wait..wait..wait. Get ready for it...."
"Ooooh snap!"

 It's been funny to make a sale's pitch since I'm not that type of person. :D But I'm learning a lot. Later on [if any of them get results] I'll write up some tips, but for now I'm a novice. A perfect child! ;) The list of Christian publishing companies that accept children's literature (and unsolicited manuscripts) is teeny. But since I've never expected fame and fortune, I think I'll be able to find someone to take me. It might be a small place--I'm open to that. After all, I'm not sure my books could elbow their way into the ranks of those Great Companies anyway. They are much too modest and charming for that. They like retired corners of literarydom, becoming beloveds, and earning a respectable keep. They like popularity but not celebrity-status. If celebrity-status finds them they'd roll over in shock, but they don't think they'll ever win a Newberry Award. Still, they are social butterflies in their own right. :)
I would covet your prayers as I move into this territory of publishing. In theory it's amazingly exciting. It reality it's amazingly exciting while being, at the same time, tremendously terrifying. I'll need lots of wisdom and discernment, and a strong Pilot steering this craft. I'll make sure I keep you updated! :) ~Rachel


ashley tahg said...

CONGRATS! You are much braver then I am. Letting people read my 'babies' is scary. Like sending your first born out into the wide, wide world, and not sure if it will come back to you all beaten and torn. I'm really interested in hearing what becomes of this! Will it make you feel any better if I say I will be praying for ya?

AND, IF your baby gets published, you'll need a reviewer, No? I happen to know one...*cough*...really well...*hinthint*.

Rachel Heffington said...

It will indeed! Thank you, Ashley! (And If I do need a reviewer I'll call you. ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats, Rachel! Yes, I will definitely pray for you. It is exciting and terrifying process. I'm not there yet but the thought of it is scary. Yes, pray do keep us informed and I'd really appreciate it if you did blog post on how to query. I find the idea very nerve racking.

Carilyn said...

Wow, that's great, Rachel!! That's so exciting; I'm happy for you! =D I hope you get published. Someone's gotta be dumb to not see that you've got tremendous potential. Of course, it really does take the right place to publish it, though. A modern, popular publisher might not appreciate your wit. They're used to vampires and aliens, and usually murder or zombies thrown in there somewhere.

How could a book about a handful of ragamuffins be anywhere near entertaining?! *gasp*


Boy, they don't know what it's like, really.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your book. I can't wait till when it's printed.