Monday, December 26, 2011

"Ode to the Cough"

Bronchitis. Oh yes. It's the new nemesis to inspiration. Or perhaps, it is the new ally. I haven't decided. You see, at times it feels that I have coughed out any scrap of originality or wit in my poor body. Other times it makes me feel fiercely satirical, which usually results in something delightfully Mark Twain of me. :D
It is not doctor-official that I have bronchitis, but my cough is definitely of that peculiar kind that is deep seated, purring, and has the woof of a dog when it bursts forth.
Joy to the world and all that.
But lest you think I have quite coughed out my sense of humor along with my lungs, I have written something of an Ode to The Cough.
"Ode to The Cough"

In ages long and long ago
There lived a wise old sage
Who thought of things and read of things
And lived to an old age.
But then one day while wand'ring bout
The sage met with a Germ,
It manifested in a Cough
And stayed with him all term.

And ever since we've coughed and cuffed,
HArumphed, and crummed and shree-ed,
We've spastic-ized and spasm-ed 
And our lungs just cried and creed.
There's never been a nobler sort
Of Germ for making ills
And causing lots of pain and oomph
And medicines and pills

So Mighty Cough
I laud you, sir, for your persistent strength,
And I hope you run amuck for years
And live to wheezy length.

There. It was all I could muster in between my own Harumphs. Hope it made you smile! :) ~Rachel


Rachel Hope said...

indeed it did make me laugh, isn't laughter the best medicine ? I hope you feel better soon.
Rachel Hope

Anonymous said...

This made me smile. Then I read it again and it made me laugh out loud. Praying that you feel better soon!