Thursday, December 15, 2011

The hour has faded, the minute is young...

"The longer they lay in the silence the sweeter it held them, a tender mother rocking her baby in arms of darkest night. Sleep pressed heavy on Charlotte's eyes as she listened to the nothingness around them...Lad grunted and laid aside his harp, leaning against his rock. Charlotte pushed away an overwhelming desire for sleep just long enough to listen to the song he started in soft, wishing tones...
'Tis past tomorrow, and almost today
And home is so close yet far away.
Past is gone, yet Now’s not come
And the heart is full while the lips are dumb.
Night has aged, fair morn is afar
And through the trees peep moon and star.
The hour has faded, the minute is young
And Mem’ry her runic song has sung."
*       *       *       *        *
~From The Scarlet-Gypsy Song by Rachel Heffington


Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel how beautiful. This is so wistful and lovely. I don't know why but it choked me up.

Unknown said...

That was amazing and so beautiful!! You are a very talented writer and poet!!

Rachel Heffington said...

Thank you, girls! Your sweet encouragement is such a blessing to me. :)

♥Katie said...

Amazing Rachie!! Loved it!! <3

Unknown said...

You're welcome!!