Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Master of Delgrade Heath

I wrote 4360 words today...(I believe that was the W.C.) 4360 words of a gift for someone. I don't know who it is for, but I know that it is my yearly Christmas Tale, and it will be a gift for a friend or family member. That is why I can't disclose too too much information about this work in progress. I have grown to love my Christmas Tales. I let myself go to reckless abandon in writing them. The first was Fairfax and Cloves. It was nothing amazing, but I had fun writing it, I thought as little as possible about rules and regulations, and I wrote for the fun of writing and the joy of giving that fun to someone else. I have been in great need of writing such a piece recently, and so while I wasn't even sure I'd attempt a Christmas Tale this year, I have found I am attempting it and having good success so far. I wish I could tell you all about it in my new flush of authorship, but I cannot. All I will say is that I am going with the working title: The Master of Delgrade Heath. He looks something like this, "a sculpture of what might have been" as the main character, Lisette Allenham tells us.
I feel a deep compassion for this wretched man, and I am pleased to say that as Authoress, I have planned a happy ending for him. But it will take many words and a Christmas miracle of sorts of change him from the self-centered, ill man he is to what he was meant to be. Will his nurse, Lisette Allenham have anything to do with his reformation?
We shall have to see. I think so. And then again, I am not sure. There is very little decided in only 4,000 words. However, I know one thing. I like Cyril Delgrade, despite his cynicism and wasted youth. He has a soft side to him that I am discovering, and a biting wit. I like Lisette Allenham. She is faced with the perplexity of trying to cure a man who does not desire to get well. She's a strong woman, but she doesn't understand Mr. Delgrade. And...I've gone and told you more than I meant. Ah well. This will end up being a good Christmas Tale. I've got a feeling in my bones, and my bones are seldom wrong. After Christmas I will be able to post it for you, as it is not to be too terribly long a story. And have I mentioned I like this tradition of writing a story each Christmas? ;) Perhaps when I am an old woman I shall have quite a volume of stories laid up. Sing ho for The Master of Delgrade Heath, eh? :) And sing ho for the kind of cozy reading that is meant to beguile a winter's afternoon! ~Rachel


Anonymous said...

I adore this idea, these Christmas Tales. Makes me feel warm and cheerful, and filled with a longing I cannot place. Perhaps it is a longing for the future. For the fireplaces and children, family members and friends that sit only in the looking glass of my mind-dreams. Christmas Tales. Rachel, I love this.

Anonymous said...

What a positively brilliant idea~ [I much agree with Katie S's comment!]

Writing is my blood (or rather ink flows through my veins, whichever you prefer), but I so don't take the time to get the millions of little stories floating around in my heart, snagged and unto paper.

But I do believe, now after reading of your annual Christmas Tales, I've gained inspiration. Thank you!

The Gentleman From Virginia said...

I love your Christmas stories! They are a new tradition that possesses the quality of all truly great traditions; in that they feel as though they have always been- or at least always should have been-, and it makes it feel like Christmas to see them continuing on :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds really good, Rachel! I can't wait to read it when it is all done! (and of course after it is given away for Christmas!!)

Carilyn said...

I like this idea! Seems I'm not alone here. =D I sort of wish I had this much writerly-ness in me. I think I had it when I was younger and didn't care so much about the form of the story. Rats. I need to just start writing by hand, I think. I don't just 'let it flow out' as often as I should. Fun idea, though. I should try it someday. =)