Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inkpen Poetry Day: "The Conquistador's Lament""

To make you laugh...

"The Conquistador's Lament"
 By Rachel Heffington

"Oh, to have a seniorita
Waiting for me in my casa
As the sun of dear Hispania
Speeds me home-a, fast an' fasta'
And to have the seniorita
say 'twas me her heart was for-a...
I would give all of my galleons
For a girl who I adore-a.

But I'm lone and lorn and wasted
In this colony in Flor'da
With not a single lady
Who would dare to cross the borda'.
I have doubloons by the thousands
And jewels by the score-a,
But I'd throw it in the ocean
For one girl who I'd adore-a.

I would tear my silken waistcoat
And rend my lace cravat-a
And burst my diamond buttons
If I thought 'twould help the matta'
But it's useless-truly useless
For the dreary thing is sure-a:
America has pinned me
And there's no one to adore-a!"


Anonymous said...

Delightful! Worthy of exclamation points or even italics.

Carilyn said...

Heehee! And yet, I could see it being somewhat true. I'm sure there've been guys down through history that just wanted a lady to adore, but there wasn't any around, or there was no one worthy! Even if it's funny, it's almost like a call to action! =D Okay, maybe that's not it's intention, but there you go... =)