Friday, November 25, 2011

Inkpen Poetry Day: "Carmen Ante Domum"

"Carmen Ante Domum"
(Song Before Home)
 By Rachel Heffington

Home is just over the next green hill
And my journey's last mile before me still--
Home before, and the road behind,
And a balancing moment within my mind...

Home, 'tis so pleasant to know the place
Remembers me still with its homely face.
Home, with her orchards and fields and her lane
Beckoning me with her smiles again.

But the Road, gypsy-mile'd and wild and free,
With echoes and wind-voices calls out to me:
"Remember the paths we have tread, you and I;
The lure of unknown and a clear, open sky!"

Pausing, I stand with the Road at my back,
And stretching before me the dear, homeward track.
A kiss to the journey, a laugh to the wind,
And onward, my heart full of wistfulness send.


Carilyn said...

By the way, the new background is very nice. =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Rachel. Beautiful. I would say more, but I'm about to go all bleary-eyed and blubbery.

Thank you for this.

Unknown said...

This is beautiful! You are very gifted, talented poet!