Sunday, November 6, 2011

The End of the Inquisition

Hey Everyone! I write this post from a hotel room in a shady hotel in a shady section of town in a shady sort of spot in a state that is generally beloved by me. That being said, I will say that the purpose of being here is perfectly sound and I am well in body and spirit. But as this has nothing at all to do with writing, I will keep along with the finishing-up questions in my Spanish Inquisition. Ready?
1. What is the best place, in our Writer's opinion, to write at? Hmm... Henry B. Baxter, doth she mean in my writing Utopia, or in reality? In my perfect world, I would have a desk, worn and beautiful, cuddled up to a casement window, trimmed in white that looks over a cottage garden. The window would be cracked open and a faint breeze, scented with summer would wander inside and ruffle my hair. I would have my watercolors pinned to the wall to remind me of my other artistic attempts. Now, stepping back into reality, I would have to say that the best place to write is anywhere one can be alone. I can't do the whole people-looking-over-my-shoulder thing, as I have already stated. Somewhere near a window, preferably.

2. Do you ever listen to music while you write, or do you like complete silence, or a nice din from the kids? Haha! Music on softly, ideally 40's or 50's music or soundtracks. :)

3. What do you write on? (As in, do you use Microsoft Word, Google docs, etc.) I use Microsoft word. :) A very old version that I am doing my best wishing to replace. :D

4. When do you write most? (i.e. Winter, Summer, evening, morning?) Winter definitely due to gardening and other responsibilities the warm season demands, and probably in the afternoons. That's when we usually take our "free-time."

5. Do you like writing better dressed, ready for the day, with your hair up and everything, or in your pj's? Ah! Dressed and ready by all means--my brain works better on such terms, and I feel like much more of an authoress.

6. How many writing notebooks do you have currently? Two that are strictly writing. Beyond that I have scraps of paper all over creation that house my brain dribbles. ;)

7. Do you keep a journal or diary? If so how often do you write in it and what format do you use? I do have a journal and I write in it...a several times a month. In seasons where there's a lot going on, more often than that. :) I used to write in a log know, list-form. But then I decided to go all out with the details, and since then my diary has been ever so much better. :D

8. What is your favorite kind of tea? [YAY!] I would have to say P.G. Tips and English Breakfast are vying for the top position, then Black Currant in second place and....Earl Grey third. :) Tea is my one weakness.
Thanks so much for all the questions you girls asked! It was so much fun answering these little inquiries, and I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. If anything wasn't clear enough you know you can email me anytime. ~Rachel


Unknown said...

Great post!! I LOVE English breakfast tea!

♥Katie said...

Very nice! That picture of the room looks so cozy! =)

Unknown said...

I agree with Katie!! It does look cozy, an ideal place to write undisturbed.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Tea! I enjoyed reading about your one weakness, Dorcas Lane, dear. ^.^

And this: "I have scraps of paper all over creation that house my brain dribbles." Sounds very much like me. I have so many notebooks, so much scrap-paper scattered everywhere... The life of a scribbler, eh?