Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inkpen Poetry Day: Autumn Landscape

I know you all are bored to death with my raptures over autumn, bored to death over my autumn-inspired poetry, bored to death over it all. But bear with me this one last time and I promise I won't speak of it again....for a week at least. ;) 

"Autumn Landscape"
 By Rachel Heffington
A glimm'ring, golden, vibrant sheen
Upon the leaves once rustling green;
A quick'ning, blood-red, 'passioned glow
Where summer's verdure loved to show;
A dusky, haunting, crimson stain
Dyes every maples in the lane;
A flick'ring orange, dizzying flame
Puts all of spring-time to a shame.


Unknown said...

I like it!! I love poetry about Autumn. It is my favorite time of the year!

Anonymous said...

Oh come now, one cannot speak over much about Autumn! It is such a glorious, regal time of year. ^.^ Your poem did it great justice, Rachel. Beautiful words, painting a beautiful picture. Lovely work.

(Also, you're killing FRANK?! I rather liked dear Frank... You murderess, you. :P)