Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Grand and Glorious Thingamajigger

In keeping with the tradition rumbling my corner of the world, the tradition properly begun by...Jenny and followed by Abigail, I have decided to have my own question and answer Thingamajigger. :) You may here and now leave me a comment asking me anything at all about my writing, novels, processes, or even entirely random questions. Is there something pinging around inside your brain? "Why does she complain so much about uninspiration?" "Why does she capitalize things when they aren't supposed to be capitalized?" "What in tarnation happened to Puddleby Lane?" "Who is the protagonist of your newest novel? Jeanclaude or Tremaine?" [Yes, I confused someone with that one.] Something of that nature. I will do my level best to answer the questions honestly and as clearly as I can. Please leave me a comment with any (or all) of your questions and I will answer each and every one. :) I want to write about things you want to read about, so if you want an answer to a why or wherefore thereof, have at it, girls!
You may address all queries to my Editor, below.
Oh. And do me a favor and help me name him. ;)


Unknown said...

If someone was to write a Historical novel, what type of advice would you give them? And is there any books or websites that you have found useful.

In regards to your editor, I was thinking of naming him Arthur Conan Doyle because when I saw the picture I immediately thought of Sherlock Holmes and then Doyle. But if you were thinking more along the lines of a made up name, that would be fine too.

ashley tahg said...
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ashley tahg said...


4- What is the best place, in our writer's opinion, to write at?

5- Does she handwrite any of her novels before tranfering them to the computer/a word document?

6-Has she ever tried writing myserty, or sci-fi?

7- What is the biggest advice she could give a budding writer?

Thats all for now, plus, I want to leave a question or two for some one else...:-)

ashley tahg said...

think Henry B. Baxter fits your editor man! lol

Ok, prepare to answer rapidly fired questions:

2- How often does our writer write a day?

3- WHat books inspire her the most?

Maybe more later!!

EDIT: sorry, I made a uh oh, and had to delete this, and repost it with the change..[blush], thus, you'll note the numbers are out of order! ugh, mistakes are horrid things to do!!

Anonymous said...

1. Do you keep a daily writing schedule? How long, or how much, do you write a day?

2. How extensively do you plot-n-plan your stories before you begin writing them?

3. Do you edit while writing, or keep the writing and editing processes completely separate?

Bonus Question
What is your favorite kind of tea? (And don't tell me this is not relevant. :P)

Carilyn said...

Ah, I thought that Tremaine was the Lead in your novel? I was thinking, it would be cool to read a novel about a high-up mucky-muck during the French Revolution and their story/viewpoint. Usually stories about that time period are about a 'lower' person. Will have to figure out something intelligent to ask you for this thingamajigger whatchamacallit.

Abigail Hartman said...

Well, I should like to know...what did happen to Puddleby Lane? I know you had been having trouble with Cora.

I was also wondering what kind of preparations you do before you start writing. Some people do a lot and some people just dive right in. Do you spend time doing character sheets and research and all that fun jazz? (Except that I don't like jazz.)

I second Katie's bonus question - what is your favorite kind of tea?

Carilyn said...

Do you ever listen to music when you write, or do you like complete silence, or do you like a nice din from the kids? =)

What do you write on? (As in, do you use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.)

When do you write the most? (i.e. winter, summer, evening, morning)

Do you like writing better dressed, ready for the day, with your hair up,and everything, or in your pjs? =) (As in, comfy and ready for the day, or comfy and just comfy?)

How many writing notebooks do you currently have?

Do you keep a journal or diary, and do you write in it everyday? What format do you use? (If this isn't too personal a question. Otherwise, you can leave this one off.)