Friday, October 28, 2011

Absolute Nonsense!

This is what happens to my literary prowess when I've got a 40's Vintage-hairstyle Tutorial on the brain. I was waiting for pictures to load and picked up my pen and began to scribble:
By A. Mourner

Gerbilrat Gillisplug,
King of Mice
Pinched his tail
in block of ice.
Squeaked and writhed
in sordid pain,
Got unstuck,
then stuck Again.
Wriggled, squiggled,
shrilled and squeed,
Till his tail
at last was freed.
Danced around
till frosty dusk,
screamed until
his voice was husk.
All his subjects
came to view
Gerbilrat's great
For he'd caught a mouse-y plague
And he died from tummy-ague.
And this decree his
Sad Death spawned:
Never pinch your tail
In Pond!

I told you! It is nothing but the keenest sort of nonsense my pen has ever leaked out. Good heavens. What a confession to make to the wide wide world. I ought to be ashamed of myself. Pity is, I kind of like it. ;)


Miss Dashwood said...

Ooh, I loved this! Just the sort of nonsense that warms my heart. It reminded me of Beatrix Potter. So funny!

Miss Dashwood said...

Also, I've given you the Inspirational Blogger Award:

Carilyn said...

It's not so bad! Plus, if you like it, who cares what is popular and what the whole wide world thinks. ;) It is actually quite interesting.

Maria said...

I sadly mourn the fate
of your beloved king.
And so I do beseech all mice
with tears this song to sing.

Delightfully nonscensical, Rachel!