Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inkpen Poetry Day: "Land Sea"

"Land Sea"
          By Rachel Heffington

The storm--a sea on windy wings
Crashed o'er and o'er the dark'ning wood
And breakers of a pelting rain
Beat senseless on me as I stood.
Beat senseless, yet my heart-strings throbbed
When to my soul storm-voices spoke;
Swift passions, deep, their words provoke,
And loud my heart's cry sobbed.

The rain--a wave of sheening grey
Stroked o'er and o'er my quiv'ring heart
And wind-tides with a gentle touch
Soothed dreams the storm had pulled apart.
Soothed dreams, and when the clouds had passed
With murm'ring secrets whispered close
My soul was stilled, as Heaven knows
By shimm'ring peace: a pool amassed. 

1 comment:

Horse Lover said...

I love storms. They give me more joy than sunshine does. They make me pensive and inspire me.