Sunday, September 11, 2011

Come Gawk At The Prizes! :)

It is the time you have been waiting for... the revealing of the prizes you girls (or guys :P) may win in the Merry Auld England Writing Challenge!!! Now, I still only have one entry, and I *know* you can give me more than that. I hope these fabulous (if I do say so myself) prizes will egg you on to entering if nothing else will! :D

The winner of the Prose Category (short story, sketch, essay, etc.) will receive this beautiful set of tea-stained, hand-illustrated Jane Austen stationary! (contains 6 8x11 sheets of stationary and 3 antiqued envelopes)

Perfect for writing an elegant letter to a friend with plenty of space for rambling.
(tiny pages of stationary are a pet-peeve of mine, since I tend to write long letters.)
A close-up of the decoration in the corner...and guess what?
It's an original design, and that *is* a glimpse of my handwriting! :P
I can read your want this want it enter the contest! :D
The winner of the Poetry Category wins: A hand-decorated, hand-covered box in a dusty-raspberry color--perfect for hiding away your treasures of poetry, or any other such keepsake. 
Isn't it a beauty? I had half a mind to keep it myself, but I thought I'd be generous and put it up as a prize. You'll love it, I know. :)
A close-up of the decorations on the lid. Admit it--you love it. ;)
And the inside of the box, painted a lover-ly silver. 
And last but not least, the winner of the Drama Category (a play, dialog, skit, etc.) will receive: 
Miss Egglantine Benedict
She is a paper-weight, and a companion for your writing corner. I give you full leave to talk to her, and to reprimand her as needed--that smug expression was not painted on there to forebode a quiet personality. ;)

Some of you expressed interest in seeing me as Rosie Cotton--these are not the best pictures, as I wasn't wearing my rose-bud wreath in my hair, nor was I outside as a proper hobbitess should be. But here's the general idea. When my cousin sends me the other pictures, I might post those too. :)
Sorry about the lighting...By the by, I made my vest and my skirt, I was given the apron, and the blouse came from a Goodwill--gotta love do-it-yourself! :D
I think I make rather a wonderful hobbit--I have the right shape for it. ;)
Anyway, there are those pictures for now, so you can get a general idea of what I looked like. I'll get some better ones for you before too long! And, as my little sister would say, "Pretty please with sugars and berries and icecream" enter the contest to win one of these awesome prizes?! Thanks a million! ~Rachel


Anonymous said...

You are the most adorable Rosie I have ever seen. Beautiful job on the vest and skirt. ^.^

The prizes look absolutely lovely, and I will have to enter if I can find the time to write something decent enough!

♥Katie said...

Well done, Rachie!! You look GREAT!!! =D Awesome!

Hannah Grace said...

HOW ADORABLE!!!!! Oh my goodness, that is just the cutest darn costume I have EVER SEEN! :D Sorry, I can't stop raving over it. ;) I love it so much!
As for the prizes...lovely! *sigh* I'll TRY to write something...gee, I just can't think of anything. :-/ When does the contest end?