Monday, August 1, 2011

A Simply Delightful Giveaway!

Ooh! There seems to be a lovely giveaway at Scribbles and Inkstains, the blog of a young, recently-published Christian authoress! :) The author, Abigail Hartman, is giving out a copy of her newest historical fiction novel, The Soldier's Cross, to each of two winners who will randomly be drawn August 15th! :)
I have not yet read this book, but have heard it spoken of in glowing terms, and now I am rather intrigued. I do hope I win a copy, for since this young lady is a Christian young lady, and a published author, it excites and inspires me! :) Please check out the giveaway over at Abigail's blog! :) Here's the link!
Oooh! This makes me so excited to wonder about the Someday of my own when I can do a giveaway like this! :) ~Rachel

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Always Narnian said...

That's neat...I would be super excited if my book got published.