Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Contest Here At the Inkpen Authoress!!!

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I am very pleased to announce the newest contest here on the Inkpen Authoress! :) Everyone, meet The Merry Auld England Writing Challenge! :)
As you all know, I am a great lover of English literature: everything Dickens, everything Austen, everything Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, everything Gaskell, everything Bronte! And my list goes on. :) England itself is a country full of magnificent literary potential. From deep forests for sunny countryside, from the coasts of Devon to the wild moors of the North, there are so many wonderful settings! So I thought, my darling readers, why not concoct a brilliant contest to celebrate this amazing country and it's legion of priceless books?! And so I did. :)
Here are the rules:

1.) Be clever, beautiful, and accomplished with your words. One of the great charms of English literature is its careful wordcrafting. :) So open up your mind and pen to the ornate thoughts and interesting words lying stale in the corners. This is a time to shine and show your love for truly great writing! :)
2.) Choose a subject that has to do with England! You could spin a tale about Bath, or a romance set in the wild of the Northlands. You could write a new story about Robin Hood and his merry men, or compose your own ending for Mrs. Gaskell's unfinished Wives and Daughters. (NOT if you've seen the BBC movie, though! ;D) You could scribble an amusing tale in the style of Dickens, or a witty story about Society people in the manner of Jane Austen. You could write a Tolkien-ish poem, or take after Tennyson and do a dramatic romance. For pity's sake, you could even astonish the world and try your hand as Shakespearing! :D The possibilities are endless!
3.) You may write your entry as a poem, a short story, or a play. Please refrain from using any bad language, crude humor, or improper views of God in your submission, as these will immediately be disqualified, however lovely the writing.
Send all submissions to inkpencontestsubmissions@gmail.com. Each participant may enter one submission into each category. :)

4.) The Prizes? (Yes, I said prizes :) I will choose one winner from each category: Poetry, Prose, and Drama. (as in a play, if I even get any entries there :) The prizes are yet to be announced, but each winner will get their work of literature published on my blog in addition to the prize. Glory! Glory! ;) After the contest all rights will revert to the author, and I promise not to change anything in the wording of the entries, scalp them of their titles, or in any other way pirate your work. :D
5.) In order to be eligible for this contest you must:
Follow this blog (I would love new followers! *sweet hopeful smile* :)
Love literature with a passion
Post about this contest on your blog or on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you haunt. (Excepting, of course, those girls of you who do none of the above, in which case you're Scot-free)
And, of course, get your entry to me by September 9th, 2011! :) (That gives you girls a month to enter. I'll write up a little reminder gadget and put it up near the top of the blog in case your forget. :P)
So pens ready? On your mark, get set, be brilliant!!! My pen salutes your own. I hope many many writers enter this contest! It'll be great! I will make a button for the contest at some point, so stay tuned for that. :) Thanks so much for entering! ~Rachel


Maria said...

Two more questions about the rules: is there a word/page count limit? and can we do one entry in each category, or one entry total?

Rachel and Sarah said...

There are no word limits to the contest, just try to keep things un-novel-length. :D And the answer to the other question is you may put one entry in each category. So 3 entries total, if you'd like :) ~Rachel

Hannah Grace said...

Oh! I might enter! :) I'm going to be pretty busy this month but I'll try.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, this is right up my alley. ^.^ I plan on entering a scribble or two!

Always Narnian said...

Sounds fun. I keep saying "O I should enter" and never get to it. This one sounds fun. I MAY do it. We'll see if I can get to it.

Maria said...

My submission is all finished and I'll email it to you as soon as I can.

Rachel Hope said...

I would have loved to enter this, but alas I haven't the ability to write a story in two days, ah well I cant wait to participate in another wonderfully thought out contest
Rachel Hope.