Saturday, August 13, 2011

Inspiration Revolutionized: French-style. ;)

Inspiration has struck, but I won't follow it....completely. I don't like working on two projects at once, as I feel I give mediocre attention to both instead of the full measure of my brain to each one. But yes, I finished thinking up a very Thingish thing yesterday, and I'm really excited!
I'm capturing the inspiration in scribbling down all the ideas that barrage my mind for this new novel, but I have promised myself and others that I won't begin writing it until Puddleby Lane is finished. :) But I have to admit, I love this book already and can't wait to begin!!!
That's okay though, because this is going to be a historical fiction book, and I have lots of research and reading to do. I can do that simultaneously to writing P.L. so even if I was not entangled in a current writing project, it wouldn't be wise to start writing. :) That being said, would you like to hear a little about the new brain-child? ;)
It is to be a tale set in Paris smack dab in the middle of the French Revolution. (Hence my definite need for research) The book will follow a young lady who, at the beginning is a staunch patriot. She hates the aristos with a passion. Her best friends, her father's best friends, and nearly everyone she knows are well in with the crowd that drives the Revolution. So this young lady is safe, and far from being "Suspected". That is, until she discovers a tragic (to her) secret when her father dies: She has noble blood. And several people know it.
Now she must flee the country with all her former friends after her, or face a trial and Madame la Guillotine. Will she find refuge in a foreign country with the people she once hated?
How does that sound for a start? And *no* stealing my plot ideas. ;) I have not decided anything definite with this story, no names or even characters beyond the main character. Actually, I might have a name for her...once I tack a last name to the first name I'm thinking of, I'll tell you. :) Anyway, that was my dose of welcome inspiration. Anyone have any suggestions for books about the Revolution? (Non-fiction) I'll keep you posted on updates with the plotting of this book, as well as my progress on P.L. :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, Inspiration! I like your idea very much. Can't wait to hear (read?) more about it. ^.^

(Just letting you know I awarded you over on my blog: Hop on over and pick up your bragging rights. ^.^)

Sunny Smith said...

I saw your blog over at Whisperings of the Pen:)

As for the French Revolution, this book is fiction, but it might help you out a bit. It's the diary of Marie Antoinette. The book is called:
Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Austria-France 1769, by Kathryn Lasky. It's part of the Royal Diaries series. I read it awhile ago, but I figured I'd mention it.

Good luck!

Maria said...

It's a good thing you said no stealing plot ideas, or I'd be very tempted to do just that. :(
How do you manage to think up such wonderful plots?