Thursday, August 11, 2011

Have a yourself. ;)

As writers, we seem to think there is a certain respectability in having troubles.
No one is more looked up to than when they are in the throes of Writer's Block. Everyone sighs and sympathizes and waits expectantly when a writer announces, with many a grave expression, that their "Characters won't behave." or the chapter "will come out differently" than they'd like.
We are a close-knit, dreamy society, we writers. And because we can, we have concocted a whole list of respectable ailments to bring forth whenever we are succeeding. If our story is taking off on flying wings, somehow, consciously or not, we catch a fever of un-inspiration. If we are thinking, perhaps a bit smugly to ourselves, that our story is not so bad after all, we
immediately hie to the computer and write up a blog-post about how we feel we shall *never* find a publisher! ;)
Of course I exaggerate, but this realization made me laugh. What a funny group we are! Never content with things going well for any length of time, but concocting plights for ourselves that any reasonable person would let alone.
Common sense would tell us, "For pity's sake, if things are going well, don't think about problems!" or, to quote Mary Poppins:
"Don't trouble trouble till trouble troubles you."
But we are so accustomed to "bringing in the man with the gun" for our characters, that we instinctively do it to ourselves, making a hash of any success and contentment we'd been enjoying previously. :) So how can we beat this Big Bad Habit? For starters, I'd say that we ought not to think quite so highly of ourselves. If we stop calling ourselves Writers, and think of ourselves people with a passion for writing, the words will flow. If we stop taking ourselves quite so seriously and laugh at our little airs and graces, the fit will soon pass. When a case a of what we call Writer's Block comes up, poke it in the nose, hug it, and move on. If you truly are uninspired and can't for the love of life write something, do the unthinkable. Don't write. For a day at least, give yourself a break, and do something...unexpected.
  1. Take a walk in the rain alone. Preferably with a pretty umbrella, or bare-headed. Go all the way either way.
  2. Go to the store, a restaurant, or a coffee shop and speak with your best British accent the whole time.
  3. Spend the afternoon with your family, play a hilarious game,(may I recommend Catch Phrase, Balderdash, Imagine If, and In A Pickle? :) and remember to laugh. :) Hard.
So this tangent is my moment of profoundness for the day. You may admire my great mind now. ;) Or laugh at me for being so philosophical about writing. Aren't I a goose? :)
Now I shall move on the two things: One, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE CHECK OUT THE MERRY AULD ENGLAND WRITING CHALLENGE!!! :) This is a vital piece of "please", for a contest is not a contest if no one enters! And winning a contest is not quite so prestigious if you are the only entry! :D I am warning you beforehand, the prizes will be really great! :)
Now for Thing Two: As this blog is supposed to be a blog dedicated to love of literature, as well as writing, I shall share with you a lovely link. :)
    Here is a Historical Hairstyle Tutorial I just finished for Little Dorrit's Wedding Hairstyle! :) It is simple and beautiful! Get to it here.


    Anonymous said...

    Humph. I have nothing whatsoever to say to you, Rachel.


    But I didn't trouble trouble! I'd be perfectly content to have things going well... and leave it that way. >.> And I have been writing. Oh, yes. Every day. I just can't get this certain chapter out/get it right. I suppose it all boils down to the fact that life is terribly stressful on my end. My poor, overloaded mind probably doesn't want to bother with my little scribbles.

    So. Laugh at me if you will. I'll join you in a month (or two), but for now I'm in desperation and prone to tears. :P

    Rachel and Sarah said...

    Oh, dearest Katie, to quote Anne Shirley, "I wasn't make fun of you...I was just...teasing!"
    I well know the plight, and it's not your fault! And I was't teasing *you*, but all of us writers in general. :) Here's a big hug for you, and many hopes that your writing will pop back up. My life is pretty stressful around here too, and I'm about to get writer's block. I feel it creeping up! :D And so I wrote this particularly to jolt myself out of my rut! Take a walk in the next rainstorm that comes, and you'll feel better, I'm sure. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, I wasn't offended. Just angry and bitter at myself for my apparent inability to write what I want to write. >.>

    But your email and poem -- full of sweetness, dearness, and brilliancy! -- has me floating on cloud nine. ^.^