Tuesday, August 16, 2011

:D :P :] They're so very juvenile! ;) > B)

Good morning lassies! :) I am rather full of new knowledge this morning:
  • I *am* killing off the character, and my sisters are revolting against it
  • My hour-a-day writing pledge is serving me well and I'm getting about ten first-draft pages an hour with it. I think that's pretty good for starters, don't you?
  • Dreams where you are stuck in the shower all night because your little brother won't bring you a bar of soap are not conducive to waking up early to write... ;)
But I must come to confess. I have committed the cardinal sin of writing...this...this is hard for me to say aloud...let me take a deep breath...*lets it out*...okay. Ready?

I am guilty of Once-upon-a-time accidently
using emoticons in my STORY!

There. It's out. I quickly erased them, but they were there, horribly leering in black and white over my novel. I don't know what came over my fingertips. I guess they are just so accustomed to typing in emoticons in blog posts, emails, chats, and all that that they forgot to leave it at the door when in the presence of The Authoress. The whole emoticon business bothers me. I mean, it's like you have to have a whole party of smiley faces dancing around your words as if you no longer trust the understanding of your fellow man and think he must have huge red arrows pointing to the meaning behind everything...

I am a big believer in words so carefully crafted and spun that they need no explanation. Words so finely woven that even if our heads can't understand them, our hearts can. Writing that doesn't need emoticons punctuating it because the emotion is already pulsing through the scene. Girls, let's all try to be that sort of writer. Not the sort that needs extra help from the semi-colons and parentheses.

(Now, despite my great temptation to do so, I discover I had better not end with a smiley face. Just know I'm smiling, okay?)


Hannah Grace said...

LOL! I've never done that, but I've "text-talked" in my writing. It was a NaNoWriMo novel, though, and I quickly got rid of it. I don't even remember what it was, I might have had a character say "brb" or something. I don't usually text talk even when I'm chatting, so it was very startling.
KILLING OFF A CHARACTER? :( Oh dear. Personally, I think you should... *cringes* Kill the little girl. *crawls into a hole and dies for you* That's what I would most likely do. Then I'd cry and weep and mourn for years. But yes.

Anonymous said...

"Words so finely woven that even if our heads can't understand them, our hearts can."

Gah, I'm going to need to start a book of Rachel Quotes. Have I said I love the way you put Things? I think I have, but it's very worth saying again. And again.

As for emoticons, I've been trying to wean myself off them. Trying. Heh, heh... It's a process.