Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful People: Angelica Seasoning

I have decided to link up with the Beautiful People monthly event created by Georgie and Sky. I've done it once before, and I shall do it now. This event is designed to help you get to know one of your own characters better, or to introduce your readers to a character and let them get to know him/her. Without further ado I shall introduce you to my other favorite character in A Mother for the Seasonings:

Angelica Seasoning

1. What is your character's full name?

Angelica Isabelle Geraldine Seasoning. (Yes, I have a penchant for long names. :P)

2. Does her name have a special meaning?

No. Beyond the fact that she and all her sibings are named after herbs, and they all have four names.

3. What is her biggest accomplishment?

She would vow that her biggest accomplishment was finding her family a mother. She is convinced it was partly through her own doing that there is a Mrs. Seasoning by the end of the book. She also takes delight in bossing and fixing up her siblings enough so they are fitting for an OLAF tea-party, as she ever is.

4. What are her strongest childhood memories?

As Angie is only 11, she still has much of her childhood before her. However, some of her best memories are of when her mother was still living and would tell them stories. Now, however, she likes looking back on the adventures of the Mother-hunt, many of which were of her own design.

5. What is her favorite food?

Lemonade, lemon ice, lemon-custard tarts, etc. Lemons agree with Angie's personality. She's spunky, tart, bright, and beautiful, with a little bit of punch to her.

6. Does she believe in love at first sight?

Well, do you, Angie? Yes, of course you do, for if one has an armful of roses to give to a lady, love will naturally follow. A batch of custard tarts wouldn't be taken amiss either.

7. What kind of home does she live in?

A bungalow in a British settlement in East India. It's a tidy, low, cool house furnished comfortably. After all, one's father isn't a commanding officer in the British army for nothing.

8. What does she like to wear?

Her sailor-dress with the pleated skirt. It puts her in high good humour anytime she wears it, which is a mercy after some of the escapades.

9. What would she do if she discovered she was dying?

Laugh, stick out her tongue, and proceed. Dying doesn't bother Angie. She has no regrets, for she's always lived life to the fullest, and is not one to get down in the mouth over something that happens to the best of us.

10. What kind of holidays or traditions does she celebrate?

Christmas, Easter, Guy Fawkes day, May Day, and many another merry English holiday. Also various expeditions and rendezvous with their Derry-dock town.

What do your other characters have to say about her?

Dill says she's his best friend and worst enemy all rolled into one. Rosemary says she's a dear but needs a strong hand to tame her. Basil has a soft spot for this wild sister and obeys her unquestioningly. Aunt Regina loves her to pieces, and appreciates her frank good will.

If she could change one thing in her world, what would it be?

At the start of the novel she longs for a mother. At the end....? Perhaps a bit more adventure?


Horse Lover said...

she sounds great! I like her. :-D
BTW, doing my best to write a short story for the England contest. I'll do my best to have it ready, I only found out about it yesterday. :-D

Anonymous said...

I love her. ^.^ She and I would get along splendidly, if our love for lemon had anything to do with it...

Anonymous said...

Angelica sounds awesome! Even just reading this, I already like her... particularly like her attitude towards death! :)

Fantastic character, Rachel!

Abigail Hartman said...

I must say, I've really enjoyed the snippets you've posted from A Mother for the Seasonings. The whole plot of the children trying to find a mother is funny and endearing at once. And this interview was lovely as well; I would love to see Beautiful People entries for, say, Basil (subtle-hint-subtle-hint).