Friday, July 29, 2011

You Know You're a Writer if...

You know you're a writer if....

You walk around with a dreamy smile on your face and forget what a person said to you three minutes before...

Your facial expressions while writing are so animated that your sisters gather around to watch you like a movie-screen

You unaccountably burst out laughing at random moments because you recall something funny one of your characters said

Everything that happens to you gets stored away in a brain-file marked: "Use In Story ASAP" :)

Anything and everything reminds you of your story

Your sister has dollar bills stuck in random books...the best thing you can find (and what could be worth more?) are a couple of forgotten poems or a discarded plot idea between the leaves of your favorite novels.

You irritate other people by speaking of your characters as much as some people speak of their beloveds :)

While out in public, random characteristics about people attract your attention and you can't stop watching them

You scour phone-books, gravestones, and other unlikely places for stunning names

You use the backspace key nearly as often as the vowels on the keyboard

You have a mortal fear of Microsoft Word crashing.

The disease you are most afraid of catching is Writer's Block

Writer's cramp frequently visits your fully expect to be arthritic as an old person

You have a strange ability to carry on a conversation and work on your novel's plot problems at the same time

The word "publisher" and "editor" are love/hate words for you. The one you think you'll never find, the other you'd like to avoid altogether. ;)

You spend spare moments gazing out windows, and never feel as if you've wasted time while doing it

You were shaking your head ruefully and laughing at yourself by the end of this list. ;)


Jenna Blake Morris said...

Great list! You pretty much hit all the nails on the head with these. (;

ashley tahg said...

Thats me! :-D

Anne-girl said...

yup! yup,yup,yup,yup and yup! Guilty as charged to all of them.