Friday, July 15, 2011

Inkpen Poetry Day: Awaken the Dawn

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. Life has been crazy since wisdom-teeth and now my graduation coming up tomorrow. I've written the speech, and I think it's a pretty good one. :) At least passable if not *good*. After I deliver it, I will post it on here for you guys to read and tell me what you think. :) Anyway, this morning was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. So beautiful it gave me a queer ache and almost made me want to cry.
And when I get that queer ache, it means a poem is coming on. And it just so happened that the past few times I've read a Psalm before bed, I always seem to come across the phrase "I will awaken
the dawn". And since I actually was awake to watch the awakening of the dawn this morning, a poem grew out of it, so here it is! :) Enjoy! (photo is courtesy of Google images. :)

"Awaken the Dawn"
By Rachel Heffington

The east began blushing behind the trees
While the moon hung over the lea
And the velvet of night turned to sapphire hue
Like the blue of a newborn sea.

No breeze cared to move the whispering leaves
But they whispered themselves alone
And the first rays of sun kissed the cool of the morn
Before mounting the aerial throne.

The dew-spangled grass glittered pure and unspoilt
As if hundreds of diamonds were strewn,
Or like dozens of tears had been carefully dropped
From the pearlescent eyes of the moon.

Blue shadows hung shyly beneath the boughs
Of the emerald, sylvan-king;
The ancient pine swayed and held his court
With the swallows on the wing.

With a glorious, final shout of gold
The sun was now enthroned
While the world rejoiced like a sinner saved
That the night's dark was atoned.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, that poem is simply gorgeous. You have real writing talent - I can't wait to read your speech! :D

And I know what you mean by that "queer ache"... I get that somtimes, most often when I see the view from the top of a mountain. THAT'S when I get a queer ache... on top of the world. <3


Anonymous said...


This is so, so lovely -- I'm at a loss for words. Beautiful, beautiful job. Shivers, that's what it gave me. Shivers. ^.^

Thank you for sharing this lovely bit of poetry!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rachel! This is beyond beautiful! :-)