Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inkpen Poetry Day, and yet another gift! :)

There is something so satisfying in being so identified as a writer that people see things that make them think of you, buy them, and send them to you with a note that says, "I don't want to spoil the surprise but one of these things reminded me so much of you when I saw it! You'll know which one it is when you open it!" :)

So I opened this package to find a brass stamp and some sealing wax. But not just any brass stamp. A brass stamp that had a feather-pen and an inkwell engraved on the bottom of it. :) *Happiness*
(Here's a link to the self-same seal I was given...the image is copyrighted so I couldn't put it on here. :[ )
Between that lovely "Author's Study" sign and my new brass stamp, I feel like a universally acknowledged Authoress. ;) Now if I could only bend my mind seriously to writing.
I long to jump with both feet back into Puddleby Lane, but my mind is filled with gardening...thus the only thing I have been in the right frame of mind to write are nonsensical, funny ditties about veggies. Seriously. Witness the latest fruits of my labor (no pun intended) below:

"An Okra Insult"
By Rachel Heffington

My wrath is on thee, Okra,
I would dearly love to choke ya'
If you hadn't quite so many little hairs.
For they always make me itch
In a manner fiery which
Isn't pleasant when the heat of summer flares.

Oh, you have a pretty blossom
But your smell is like a possum
And when cooked you make a gorgeous, slimy brew.
And you prick and itch my arms
With your ticklish, burning charms
Till I'd gladly run your vital system through.

You bring lots of money, though
From the the people who don't know
All the evil secrets hidden in your heart.
And I sell you at our stand
Though you bite and sting your hand--
We're a partnership....I guess that is a start?

See? A little clever, I a vegetable-y way. :P


Anonymous said...

Okay, that stamp sounds seriously awesome. *jealous!* ;)

And LOL, that poem is so different from the other ones you've shared! I love that you can write so many different styles with all different subjects. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that poem is hilarious!

"And you prick and itch my arms
With your ticklish, burning charms
Till I'd gladly run your vital system through."

Oh my goodness, I almost died. Hilarious. Simply hilarious.

And I adore your little stamp. It's wonderful when other people see you as a "writer", isn't it? My dad is always bringing me volumes of poetry and Shakespeare home from thrift sales and stores, and I love it. ^.^