Monday, June 13, 2011

What I Decided....

So last post I was asking you guys what you thought I ought to read next. My opinion was swayed toward Les Miserables, hoping I would find it less miserable (pardon the bad pun) than the first two times I tried it. :D But there are two problems with my copy of Les Mis.
Number One: It's over 800 pages long. (I've read many a Dickens book longer than that, so that's not the main problem)

Number Two: It's abridged.

And that's where it loses my good opinion. Abridged books are contrary to every fiber in my book-lover's body. Chopping up a perfectly good novel simply because some reader are too lazy to read through it all? It cheapens a story. It *ruins* a story.

A friend told me that she read the abridged version of A Tale of Two Cities. You can read how much I adored that book here. But she told me that in the very end they cut out all of Sydney Carton's conversion! The book only mentioned that he chose the heroic deed out of good moral courage. Please. Spare me the disgust! :P

So back to Les Miserables. I cracked it open, thinking that 800 pages is quite long enough for any book, not to mention an abridged one, and set to reading. But t
hen I received a special blessing. :) An old family friend who cannot make it to my graduation on July 16th sent me a $50 gift card!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I was delivered from the looming prospect of Les Miserables by ordering Lorna Doone, (which I've read)
The Count of Monte Cristo, (which I haven't read but have heard great reviews on)
the 1995 Pride and Prejudice movie starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, :) and a book on how to achieve over 35 different authentic Victorian hairstyles! *jumps up and down*

I never get any packages, (unless they are parts for Dad or seeds for Mama) and certainly never any packages of such amazing stuff all for myself!

So in short, I have decided to save my loyalty for my new books when they come, and wait till I feel a bit braver to try reading Les Miserables. Think it's the right decision? ;) -Rachel


Abigail said...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Count of Monte Cristo! I was useless for about 2 weeks. :P

Anonymous said...

The 1995 Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is my favorite movie rendition of P&P because they stayed true to Austen's characters and plot. My mom and I absolutely love it!
Enjoy! :-)

Carilyn said...

You should keep a look out for Les Miserables at the thrift store. I saw several at Goodwill, and they're usually only a few bucks. =) Be sure to tell us how you like the Count of Monte Cristo when you finish it! I liked the movie that I watched of it. =)