Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Nameless (but worthwhile) Post :)

It seems every writer has a special place they go to write.

Jo March had her garret...

Beatrix Potter had her farm in the Lake District...

Jane Austen wrote on the tiny desk in her family's sitting room. She chose the spot because the door creaked and she could tell when anyone was coming and whisk her novel away.

But I don't seem to have a particularly "special" spot. When we first moved to this house I thought I'd use the attic for my writing and painting spot, fitting it up into a place like Jo March's garret. That is, until I discovered how brief is the season it's bearable up there. In winter your fingers just about fall off. In summer you could just shrivel up and die or smother from the humidity. But in the spring and fall it's pretty nearly perfect, as long as it's clean. :P

Then I thought, perhaps I'd find a good spot in our woods. But you don't know how many bugs there are upon closer inspection! And in the summertime, ticks and mosquitoes run rampant. Not very conducive to inspiration. ;)

I've been keeping my eye out for a good writing spot, but I seem to write wherever I am. So if dreams *did* come true, then here are some places I could get used to. ;)

Bag End? It would be a rather cozy spot. :)

AH! Miss Potter's studio would be *amazing*!

Do any of you have a particular writing corner? Tell me about it! :) Maybe someday I'll come up with one for myself. :P -Rachel


Maria said...

Actually, I sit in front of the computer (which, incidentally, is in a corner) because I prefer writing in word than in a notebook.
Miss Georgiana

Anonymous said...

My writing corner is my desk upstairs! Or my bed, but I love my desk best. :) Check it out: http://perfectlysensiblenonsense.blogspot.com/2011/05/welcome-to-dorm.html

But Bag End would truly be lovely. ;)

Carilyn said...

I don't have a writing corner either. There isn't really any corner in our house that would be good and cozy for that anyhow. We fill up all the spaces with children. HaHa! ;) Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating!!! =)


Adelii Arrial said...

This is an interesting problem that I've been puzzled by, too. In fact, I tried sitting up in a tree and reading once like Jo March. I was so uncomfortable I haven't done it since. In the end, I've ended up turning just about any place into a writing nitch. This is mostly because I literally write just about wherever we go - on vacations, in the car, in waiting rooms, just about anywhere. I recently got my own room, however, and have since found that my best inspiration seems to come when I'm there (and usually at eleven o'clock at night! what is it about midnight inspiration?)