Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inkpen Poetry Day: "Nellie MacGuire"

"Nellie MacGuire"
By Rachel Heffington

Each little room in our house is so nice
But the nicest of all, full of woodsmoke and spice,
Is the kitchen--we almost don't dare to come in
So we walk on our tip-toes and stick out our chins
And peep `round the oven, just hoping to see
That Nellie MacGuire is taking her tea.
Her hair's shiny brown and her cheeks fairly glow
And when she is happy she'll give us some dough.
But if we peep in when her apron is tied
(With a big, fiercesome knot sticking out at the side)
Then she squawks like a hen with a new brood of eggs
And she thumps bread like carpenters thumping in pegs.
And if we are daring and step on the floor
Nell counts up to three and she counts up to four.
Then she purses her lips with a "look at you" face
And sends us off packing right out of the place.
But of course we come back and creep `round by the door
And we see the spice rack full of bakery lore,
The pantry shelves laden with bread light as silk
And the dairy with cheeses and butter and milk.
The fireplace gleaming, the huge iron pot,
And the tea-kettle that sings a song when it's hot.
The cab'net with china-blue flowers and white,
The medicine for when we're sick in the night.
And next to the window with sun streaming through
Holding tea-cup with flowers, some white and some blue,
Sits Nellie MacGuire with apron undone
And we knew now's the time we can start having fun.

This poem was somewhat inspired by my siblings. I'd be Nellie MacGuire, the slightly moody, but good-hearted cook. And the children in the poem would, of course, be the younger three: Benjamin, Abby, and Grace. :) I thought it turned out to be a rather cozy, Christopher Robin-ish poem. What do you think? -Rachel


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Shi of Narnia said...

that's a cute poem Rachel :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, whimsical, sweet, adorable, and definitely "Publishable"! I absolutely LOVE it. Fantastic job!

By the way, I've announced the winner of my poetry contest... check it out!

Always Narnian said...

O I really like that! Beautiful! :D :D And cute!

Horse Lover said...

very cute!