Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I Could Have Danced All Night!"

I am concocting a brilliant, well-thought-out, amazing post to write sometime, but for now this will be a quilt-ish post- bits and piece stitched together hopefully to end up beautiful. :)

If you are a letter-writer, have you checked out this website? They have the most *beautiful* stationary! :) Also, if you are a letter-writer, do you ever have the maddening occurrence of having had millions of stamps when you *didn't* owe a letter, and then when you have five to send you discover the stamps took their leave and a trip to the P.O. is in order? :P

Do you ever gaze at other writers' blogs and wish yours was so....exciting, literary, inspirational, etc.? I do. *wistful smile*

I am so excited about going to the Civil War ball on Saturday! (Thus the title of this post) Of course I'll be dressing old-fashioned for even the 1860's because I'm going Colonial! :) (Actually, each of us older girls is going in a different era! I'm Colonial, Leah's Regency, Sarah's Civil War, and Anna is later Victorian. :)

My dress is a similar style to this, with the drawn-up overskirt. But what is bright yellow in this photo is a cream colored silky material patterned with pink and crimson flowers, and the underskirt is a dusty-rose pink. It also has a white stomacher down the center of the bodice, and white ruffles on the sleeves. :) It's gorgeous, and my Grandmama made it! :)

I was thinking of doing a hairstyle that was a variation of this:

(no, this is not me. :)

And this. :) (Sorry the pic. is so dark! It's old)

The first is the Authentic 18th Century hairstyle from Rapunzel's Resource. Beautiful!

The second is the Victorian Recamier Coiffure. (Yes, I realize I'm mixing eras)
I was also rather clever, I thought, in my choice of hair doo-dads because I had an old pearl necklace that broke, and so I cut it apart and threaded each pearl on a hairpin, and now I can pin them all in my hair for the ball! It might look a little like Lizzy Bennet's ball hairstyle in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. Only I like my idea way better than how they did her hair. :) I'm glad I'm not blond, since the pearls will show up better in my darker hair. ;)

I have not had much time for writing recently. I find my inspiration fizzles if I have to write in ten-minute jaunts so I've found it more profitable to not write at all and wait for a bigger chunk of time. :) But I miss it! :) Well, have a great day! ~Rachel


Anonymous said...

Your dress sounds lovely! :-)

I wish I could see it. Actually, I wish I could attend the Civil War ball with you!

Anonymous said...

How awesome! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic time at the Civil War ball. :) I just went to a dance last night - the Spring Fling - though it's not nearly so themed as a Civil War ball. :) We call in the homeschool prom. I did a post about it on Perfectly Sensible Nonsense! :)