Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Reminder and the Prize Announced

It is incumbent upon me to remind all of my lovely followers that "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" contest will be drawing to a close on June 5th! :) I have the prize chosen, but no picture of it. The winner I choose will receive a set of three handmade bookmarks, made by the yet to be announced Sweet Alyssum Etsy Shop! :) Please, please enter! I promise your entry will not take a long time to write (believe me, 1,000 words or less is *not* long at all!) and I'd love as much participation as I can get! :) -Rachel
P.S. As a side-note, Puddleby Lane is coming along very well in the in-between-farming moments! :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! By the way, I meant to give you this link but never did - on May 10th I blogged about your contest, here's a link if you'd like to see the post!

Also - I wanted to tell you that I started my own contest! I'd had the idea before, but when you started yours it spurred me to get mine going. It's a poetry contest, and since you like to write I thought you might like to check it out! Here's a link:

Taylor Lynn <3

Carilyn said...

I posted about the contest on my blog, too! Here's the link:

It will be exciting to see how many people enter! (Could you tell us how many do - after the deadline, of course?)