Thursday, May 5, 2011

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" Contest :)

Have you ever seen a painting that so captivates your fancy that you find yourself wondering about the figures in the picture?

Who are they?

What is their story?

I often find myself doing so.

A curiously pensive expression.....

A distant, prideful gaze....

A wild look to the setting....

I could spend hours pondering over the particulars and weaving wild stories to accompany them. :) So I had an idea for a new contest. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Contest"
Choose any famous painting that you don't already know the ends and outs of the story of. (i.e. no one choose the gorgeous "Lady of Shalott" :D) Your job is to take that painting, and weave a magnificent story out of it. The only catch, is that, per the title of the contest, it must be 1,000 words or less! :) It does not have to be an entire story- it could merely be a scene set in the setting of the painting you choose- I know 1,00o words is pretty small, so I'm not making you write a whole novel here! ;)
Bring out your melodramatic side! ;) This can be Anne Shirley's "Story Club" material, Jo March's "sensational tale" stories, (please nothing too sensational :P) or anything you want it to be. Since I have held two poetry contests already, I am limiting this to prose. Sorry! ;)
The Rules are as follows:

1. Your story must be 1,000 words or less (Believe me, this is difficult to use only 1,000! :)

2. One entry per person

3. You will send your entry in a Word document file (or copied and pasted into an email) along with an image or link to the painting that inspired it to me at

4. You may use any famous painting you wish, but I would recommend using one from this post, or else another painting by John Williams Waterhouse- they are so.....Amazing. :)

5. The deadline for this contest will be a month from now- June 5th, 2011

6. Have fun! Be creative! :)

The prize will be announced at a later date- please enter and please post about this on your blog or website or Facebook or whatever it is you do online! ;) I'd love to have lots of entries!
Extremely excited,


Anonymous said...

Sounds AWESOME! I'll have to get thinking! <3

Always Narnian said...

:) sounds so fun :) I may be able to do this! :D