Monday, May 2, 2011

My Bartlett Book

I hope someday to write something quotable. Mayhap it is an oddity found amongst fellow book and literature-lovers, but I absolutely LOVE quotes! :D I have found so many that fit a thought I have had, but have never had the wit to put into words! :)
So you will imagine my absolute delight when my dear friend Abigail came to visit and brought me this:

Familiar Quotations compiled by John Bartlett. (And no, it doesn't look *quite* that Narnian :D) Not only is this a 1578 page book full of quotes, but it is an antique book full of quotes! My particular book was printed in 1938.

The only thing better than that, is the spoonful of brownie-batter my sister Anna just brought to me ;)
I have had my nose buried in this book so many times during the past couple of days! :) I hope to be able to make my own "literary allusions" in my writing, as well as being able to detect them in old books. :) Read more about that here.
And so to give you a taste of my feast of quotes, I've shared few below :)

*Proceeds to realize that 1578 pages hide your favorite quotes well*
As I find these "favorite quotes", I'll post them! It's already been a good 20 minutes! :D

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