Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Rewriting....and I Love it!"

I am rewriting....and I love it!

Wait. Did I just say those two things in the same statement? Um...yes I did. And to further clarify, I'll say it again.

I am rewriting, and I love it! :P

You see, my lovely critique group partners took my story, beat it around a little, and showed me how to take what I had thought was a pretty polished story, and make it shine.
And sometimes to make something shine, you have to rub in really, really hard! :P
Such was my experience, and now that the dear critiquers are done critiquing it, it is my turn to take all the feedback, all the gentle, or frank tips, and whip this story into shape.
And I love it! I am able to see so much more clearly now just how far The Seasonings was from being done! And I am finding it is so much fun and so fulfilling to go back through the story and rewrite it, adding wittier dialog, beautiful descriptions, and anything I can lay my hands on to turn into a shining addition to my story!
So this comes with a piece of advise to other aspiring authors an authoresses:
When you think your story is done, I would really caution you to find a critique group, (mine is an online group) or a few writing friends who will give honest opinions, and take a second, third, and even fourth look at your book.
My critique group has been invaluable in showing me problems I hadn't even known existed. It's like having a dozen pairs of eyes to see my story from all angles.
Which has led me to being a better author myself. Which is why I can say in all honesty, "I'm rewriting, and I love it!" :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying the rewriting process, Rachel! :-)