Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Has Sprung Poetry Contest

You may remember the Autumn Writing Contest I hosted here on this blog! :) It was a lot of fun for me, and I hope for all you young ladies who entered! :) I think you'd all agree that Spring is a season of renovation! :) And a season of promise, excitement, and beauty. Whether it's the sight of an orchard in full bloom, or the very first daffodil, or a grove of redbud bursting into riotous colors, Spring has never failed to inspire authors through the centuries. In keeping with my reputation as "An-apologizer-of-not-posting-often" I will apologize, and then reform. ;) To kick off the reformation of this blog I decided I'd have another contest :) Let's call it Spring Has Sprung poetry contest. It'll be hosted right here on The Inkpen Authoress Blog, sponsored by Inkpen Poetry Day and there will be a prize! :) Ready for the unveiling of the reward? ;) I'm afraid it's only a humble reward for your participation, but I will personally do an original watercolor painting for you, illustrating your poem, if you are the winner! :) Send me your best Spring-inspired poem! ;) Here are the rules:

1.) All work must be your own

2.) Each entry will be sent to

3.) Each person may enter multiple poems, and each poem will be counted as one entry, so the more you enter, the more chance you'll have of winning! :)

4.) The Inkpen Authoress (that's me! :) reserves the rights of publishing your poem on this blog, but on this blog only. As soon as the contest is over, all rights revert to the author, and I'll leave you alone! :P (I'm not out to steal anyone's poem, you know! :D )

So there you have it! :) Please enter! And take the button to share on your own blog! Let others know about this contest please! :) ~Rachel a.k.a. The Inkpen Authoress


Abigail said...

Ooo fun! I shall see what I can cook up. :)

P.S. Could your sidebar text be changed to white or some other light color? (I'm finding it a little too camouflaged as black against blue. ;)

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud said...

I will enter, even though it is autumn down hear! But we do have spring flowers in the fall believe it or not! Is there any deadline by which we have got to send you the poems?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rachel! I'm going to tell my sister, Tabitha, about your contest. She writes beautiful poetry.

P.S. I'm one of your Followers now! :-)

Miss Inkpen said...

@Abigail, is the yellow better? :)
@Felicity, you have till April 10 to send me a poem
@Angela, thanks for joining and telling your sister about the contest! :) I always love reading other people's poetry! :) ~Rachel

Abigail said...

Yes, it's better! :)

Carilyn said...

I don't know so much on what is popular now as far as poetry goes (sorry :/). I myself don't read books of poetry very much at all. I have never finished reading one. But, I would probably say, go for it, even if it doesn't become really widely-read. Bringing wholesome enjoyment to even a few people is worth it, right? Also, as far as what is popular now, a lot of other sorts of entertainment contain a lot of junk, and it is popular. So, if something is popular now, it is oftentimes junk. However, in Christ-honoring circles, there may be some people who are interested in older, more classic styles. I think there are people out there who might be interested, and that might include me too. =) Like I said before, I don't really read poetry books, but I have read some poems in my literature (right now, I am doing English Literature by ABeka), and there are some in there that I really like, such as 'Obedience' that I posted up on my blog recently (you might enjoy that poem... =)

Anyway, I would probably say go for it, even if it means just having your very own poetry book. And, that sort of thing is sometimes enjoyed by relatives or close friends just because they know you, and enjoy reading your works, even if they are not particularly interested in whatever it is themselves.


Miss Inkpen said...

Thank you, Carrie! :) I agree with your views on "popular" things- I was coming more from the view that perhaps no one would want to publish it, but I do agree that in the circles we girls run in, more classical styles are appreciated far more than others :)It is true, I could self-publish for myself and friends and family! :) (And I'd send you a copy if you wished ;) ~Inkpen Authoress