Friday, March 18, 2011


The Winning of Mrs. Bly- It's the newest production from my Writing Fit! :) The storyline came to me while I was out doing lawns with Daniel and Leah, and wrestling the Big Green walk-behind mower. Not a romantic setting in the slightest, but hey, ideas come when they come! :)
I describe it below:
Mrs. Bly, a bitter, crabbed woman, has hated men for twenty years and has done her best to instill the same opinions in her three grown daughters. But despite living in a secluded cottage and seldom socializing, the three beautiful daughters soon fall in love.
The trouble begins with the dreamy, romantic Evangeline who meets a rough, unlearned woodsman with a good heart (Josiah Tarleton) while picking berries for Mrs. Bly's supper.
It continues when Evangeline returns to her home only to find a charming circuit-riding preacher (Cameron North) braving the glares of Mrs. Bly and falling in love with the frail, sweet Priscilla.
Mrs. Bly panics as she realizes that her daughters are not following in her footsteps of Men-hatred, so she allows the girls to attend a May Day dance, hoping that they will be disgusted with all of manhood and return to the cottage with hearts purposed on remaining single all their days.
But the plans backfire. The oldest, and last daughter to fall in love, Diana, meets a friendly carpenter with a slow smile (William Thrushwood) and finds his wisdom is more than a match for her quick wit.
The young men propose to their sweethearts soon after, but all the girls love and honor their mother too much to leave home without her blessing.
So it's up to the men to win over Mrs. Bly. Will her heart toward the young men change, or will the daughters live until the end of their lives alone in the little cottage in the forest?

That's as far as I've gotten. :) I've only written up to Evangeline coming home from meeting Josiah Tarleton, but I'm excited! It will be relatively short story, or a novelette. What do you think?I'm writing it as a comedy, highlighting the girls' absolute fear and horror of men at first as it changes into love. :) I would never undertake to write a romance, since I know I know nothing of the subject, but as this is a comedy, I thought the setting would have some funny moments :) ~The Inkpen Authoress


Hannah Grace said...

Haha, sounds great! Are you going to post some on here? *puppy eyes*

By the way, although I don't write poetry, I did post about your spring poetry contest on my blog. :-)

~Hannah Grace

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea, Rachel! :)

Carilyn said...

Ah, very interesting! You'll have to keep us updated. ;)

Abigail said...

Can't wait for it's completion and release! :D

Miss Inkpen said...

Thanks everyone! :)
@Hannah, yes, I will post the story when I'm done with it, if you wish me to! :)And thanks for posting about the contest!

Anne-girl said...

Josiah Tarleton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like in So Dear to my Heart?