Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"A Tryst With The Gloaming"

I love learning new words! Some recent favorites are "tryst", and "gloaming". In case you don't know yourselves what they mean, I'll give you the definitions real quickly.
Tryst: an appointment to meet at a time and place....the place of meeting
Gloaming: the dusk of evening
So between the two words, I thought they would sound pretty in a poem. Actually, I made up the first verse while half-asleep in bed, trying to wake myself and come to terms with the realization that I had set the alarm for a very good reason, and it would do not good ignore the fact. So I sat there blinking like a little owl, and in between blinks, surveying the beginning of the sunrise, and by the time I was quite awake, had thought up the first part of the poem! :)
So here it is! Enjoy!

"A Tryst With the Gloaming"
By Rachel H.

I've come from a tryst with the gloaming,
All purpled in shadowy gloom;
From a tete-tete painted rose and jet
By the trees with light a-bloom.

I've come from a trust with the gloaming
And my heart reflects a star
That hung aloft in the evening soft
Where the jewels of nighttime are.

I've come from a tryst with the gloaming
And talked with the Lord who made
This half-light time, part song, part rhyme,
And Heavenly wealth displayed.

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Horse Lover said...

that's so sweet. I love it. :-D