Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fairfax And Cloves

Yes it has been eons since I have written on here.
Yes I have been busy.
Yes, I truly am sorry. But this season is so busy for us all, that I feel a bit better about my excuses! ;)
Would you all like to read my short-story, "A Tale of Fairfax and Cloves"? I wrote it for Sarah last year, but it has undergone absolutely *no* editing, so do forgive it. If you would like to read it, please leave a comment below preferably before the Christmas season is entirely over (since it's a Christmas tale) and I'll post it! :) Meanwhile, I'll do some touching up on it! :) ~Rachel

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Hannah Grace said...

Well, it's been eons since i commented, on either of your blogs, so. :-) I would LOVE to read your story!! Please post it!

Oh, and have a very merry Christmas! :-) <3

~Hannah Grace