Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inkpen Poetry Day: (A day late :) "November Lines"

"November Lines"
By Rachel H.

November is a Lady fair
Clad in a russet gown
With copper scattered in her hair
And gold spun in her crown.

Her rich, red blood is blushing bright
Deep in that copse of trees;
She walks to meet the coming cold
With stately grace and ease.

Fair is her cousin Spring, no doubt
In apple-blossoms shod
Who dances forth on airy wings
And brings our thoughts toward God.

Fairer yet is Sister-Summer
With emeralds on her brow
And daisies in her azure hem--
To youth her charms endow.

But Queen of wealth and beauty,
In a breeze of spiced perfume--
Fair November meets the Winter:
Lady Autumn and her Groom.