Friday, October 1, 2010

Reading Aloud: Refreshing The Lost Art

All right everyone! So sorry about this little mix-up, but I accidently posted the post I had written for this blog on our family blog, and since you can't copy/paste in blogger (argh!) and it was a rather long post, I'll just have to link you there. Just remember, it was written for you fellow scribblers, so you'll simply have to go read it! ;) Thanks all you girls who have recently joined this blog! It is a blessing to know that so many of you love writing and reading as well! :)
So here you go! Just click here: Enjoy it! :) I suppose it would be too much trouble for ya'll to come back over here and leave a comment, but I'd love it if you would! :P -Rachel


Blythe said...

Don't you hate that! I did a post with your blog buttons! I tried to do the HTML code too,but when I did the post there would only be on picture and set of codes,so I copyed the code on my blog and it did the button and 2 of the buttons that weren't shown in the post! But Oh,well you'll just have to Copy,Paste,and Link!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! I already left a comment on your other blog but I will comment here too. It is fun to read aloud. Me and Hannah often read books together and a few times all four of us girls read books aloud together. :)