Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Qualities For A Grandma"

“Qualities for a Grandma”

By Rachel Heffington

I wrote here some things, quite a lot,

A grandma should be, and what she should not.

She should always be squishy, like bread in a pan,

She should drive an old Buick and never a van.

She should talk about flowers and intr’esting things

And hum when she’s happy `cause grandmas don’t sing.

She should have quite a store of things in a tin

That are good to eat- she’ll have wrinkly skin.

She should have a broad lap that makes a good seat,

And a grandma should never go `round in bare feet!

She should call you an angel and sometimes a dear,

And when you get hurt she’ll always be here.

And when you come vis’ting, she’ll sure be at home,

Because tisn’t often that grandmas should roam!

She’ll make you feel cozy, like toes by a fire,

And her clothes always smell like they’re fresh from the drier,

She should have a soft chin and nice padded knees—

I know this is right for Grandmamma has these!


Marianela said...

What a neat poem! :) It reminds me of my own grandma. *sighs happily* it brings back so many memories at my Grandma's house when I was a little girl... ;)

Abigail said...

Aw, I love it!

Hannah Grace said...

Hi! I found your general blog through my friend, "Lady Gwenne's" blog, and soon found this. :-) I love this blog! I'm following. :-D
That poem was so lovely! Makes me want to go hug my own grandma. Thank you for writing and sharing!

~Hannah Grace

Rachel and Sarah said...

Thanks so much Hannah Grace! :) I love new followers and friends, and hope you'll enjoy this blog! :) Aren't Grandma's the best? :)

Horse Lover said...

true, except for the buick. My Grandma always drove a van, but now she has an excursion or some-such vehicle. But I guess that's my Grandma. :-D Your peom is obviously for your Grandma. :-D