Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Inkpen Poetry Day!

To keep things simple, I'm going to start by making every Monday the day of the week that I'll post some of my own poetry on this blog. I know you all don't want to read solely things I've written, so I'll do it this way! ;) Any ideas for what I should call it? :/ Anyhow, here are this week's poems!

“For a Nest”

By Rachel Heffington

Nestled in a flower pot,

Snug beneath the whispering pine

Lulled by breezes waltzing past,

Rocked by arms of green-briar vine,

Lies a cradle with five eggs-

Warmed by feathers soft and fine.

Woven by a little wren

Snug with walls of fragrant straw

From the pine that murmurs close,

She builds her nest by ancient law.

How does she know to place each twig?

I wonder at the things I saw.

Little bird with up-turned tail,

Russet colored wings and coat,

Creamy streak above her eye,

Russet speckles on her throat:

All her babes shall look like she,

Singing songs that Heaven wrote.

Sleep thy little eggs of green,

Let the wind sing you a song,

Sleep beneath thy mother’s breast,

While she warms you all night long.

Sleep and grow within your shell,

And let the dreams around thee throng.

For the past two years I have made books of my poetry to give to Mama as either a Christmas, or birthday gift. This is one of the poems from those books...what do you think of the (blast- is it meter?) ...meter (I'll go with that) of this poem? It is interesting....a bit hard to manage, and not my favorite style to use, but it makes for a different kind of poem than usual! :) And here is another poem I wrote that, as the daylight is changing, will soon be relevant! :)

"A Dusk in Winter"

The dusk is like a bridal maid:
The rose is mantled on her cheek,
A single shimmering diamond-star
Clings to her hair so dark and sleek.
Her skirt of azure gently rests
Within her modest golden hand;
Her veil of quiet darkness flows
After her hem has swept the land.

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