Saturday, August 14, 2010

You guessed.....another story! :)

Fellow Scribblers: So sorry I have not been keeping up with this blog! I am shocked at myself! I have been extremely busy with hardly a spare moment to write, but that is no matter- I should not make excuses!:) In the meanwhile, I have inkled up a new story. The storyline that some of you may have read about on Google Buzz needs a Gaskell, or an Austen to handle it smoothly. It was not coming out of my pen the way it rattled around my head, so I laid it aside! :P This story will center around the small town of Halstead, in England. I am quite determined to make it different than Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford, or Jan Karon's Mitford, or any other story about a town and it's people. For one thing, the inhabitants of Halstead insist that it is a village, not a town. Of course there will be similarities between my story and some others, simply because a story about a town, naturally is about people, and my experience about people, is that their nature does not change so drastically from one place to the next. But I am excited about it! This story came about from several little scenes bobbling about my brain, occasioned by some experiences of my own! :) I started this one a bit differently: by making up my cast of characters. I decided to start this way: "What sort of people does a small town need?"
and then I listed everyone:
A rich old man
A mysterious neighbor
A banker
A doctor
A beauty or two
A seamstress
A few young men
A clutch of 4 or 5 gossips
Several old maids
A farmer or two or three! :)
A few tradesmen, etc.
And then all I had to do was name them and plug them in here or there! Well, I must go!


Anonymous said...

Oh-ho, another story! Have fun with it! :)

Horse Lover said...

wow you sure do write a lot. I don't think I shall ever finish the few that I have started. Because every time I re-write more, I start thinking that my story is really really dumb