Saturday, July 3, 2010

"The Romance of Mr. Puddleby"

Hey guys! Last post I bemoaned the fact that I only had toads to use as models. Well, I used them! Meet Mr. Otis Puddleby! :) The star of "The Romance of Mr. Puddleby". (I put his bowtie in the wrong place, so he looks rather owlish, but that is of little consequence for a 3-year-old's book! :)

The story centers around this young, handsome, and debonair toad, who is convinced by his friend Sir Ringneck to go find himself a bride to cure his loneliness. He takes the advice, and goes to woo and win himself a bride: the fair Geraldine, who is absolutely "all over with warts". (Which in a toad's way of thinking, is pricelessly beautiful :) I have only painted two pictures so far, but have written the whole story! The bad thing is, both Mr. Puddleby, and Geraldine (at least the models) perished in their habitat! I hadn't even gotten a chance to paint Geraldine! Hopefully I can find two similar ones and keep them alive! :) I suppose I ought to make them a proper epithet:

"Here the lie the bodies of ones who waddle
Through life, until they begin to model.
They posed for her, and did their part
And furthered well her dabbling art." ;)

And in case you wanted to see the next illustration of Sir Ringneck convincing Mr. Puddleby, it is below!

This is the better one of the two I think! :) His bowtie seems to be in a likely place, and I like Sir Ringneck's clothes! I am trying to figure out how I ought to paint a "tan-paisley waistcoat" on Mr. Puddleby, which he wears to "go a'courtin'" :) I can't wait to draw the last picture, which will be Otis Puddleby and Geraldine getting married! :) -Rachel


Abigail said...

Remind me never to be a model for you... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, good job on the pictures, Rachel! I like the epithet, it was funny. How long did it take you to write the story, and how long is it [the story]?